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Alpha Company (Trooper Guild) [Jung Ma]

Here is a list of steps to joining Alpha Company:

[b]Before we will even consider an application the following must be done. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. If you have questions post them below this post.[/b]

[b]1)[/b] Read the Training Manual Found on front page of [url=][/url] on the left side of the page.
[b]2)[/b] Submit Application found on last page of Training manual. (be detailed, honest, and hopefully enthousiastic)
[b]3)[/b] Register on the forums using your Trooper's Character Name. Post an introduction in the "Recruitment Commlink" forums. Just say hi!
[b]4)[/b] Monitor your recruit progress at on the "[url=]Orbat[/url]" Tab of the main [url=][/url] page.

[b]What will happen if your application is accepted:[/b]
[b]1)[/b] You will gain full access to the forums.
[b]2)[/b] A member of Alpha Company will contact you in game.
[b]3)[/b] We will ask you to post in the official recruitment post on SWTOR forums.
The post will be anything you would like to say about the guild, followed by "enlisted date" eg. Enlisted Feb 4th 2012.

[b]What if we didn't contact you?[/b]
Feel free to contact our members in game and inquire, and we will do our best to let you know why you weren't contacted. One of the following reasons may apply:

Overall lack of enthousiasm, keen nature.
Wrong class. (We only recruit non trooper classes when they are needed)
RP concept or understanding is poor, or unoriginal.
Lack of etiquette. ("Hey bro, I wanna join your guild brotha" etc - yes we've had those. You wouldn't talk to your Company Commander that way...)

[b]Feel free to apply again, with more effort, and perhaps you might get another shot![/b]
Corporal Saam Zolak, Fire Team Leader, Alpha Company, 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion