Diminishing Returns Republic Recruting PvE and PvP

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Diminishing Returns Republic Recruting PvE and PvP

Guild Leaders: Balthezar Ardonas, Unhappy The Smuggler
Division Officers: Mindbreaker PvP, (PvE postion still open)
Recruiting: YES, by Application (see link below)
Classes/Races = ALL
RP: YES (casual/not mandatory)

'Hi There!' from all of us at Diminishing Returns! We are a new Social
Guild, currently recruiting all classes!

Diminishing Returns
has hopes of being a popular choice for many players new and old! As many of you
are aware, being new creates lots of obsticles! The biggest one is finding a way
to prove this is the right guild for you.. I'd like you to take the time to read
the information below that will explain who we are and what we are hoping to

About Us!
Diminishing Returns wants to offer you a place where you can play at your
own pace without any pressure. A place where you can make new friends or play
with existing friends (if they are either in the guild already or you brought
them with you). We want you to enjoy yourself! Even though we are planning to be
an active social guild, we will also make plans for many things such as random
events and group activities for things like Flashpoints and even PvP! These events are completely voluntary so please dont feel pressured. It's only for players that wish to be involved

You may be thinking 'Hey this is just what i want! A place where i can relax and just enjoy the game on my own but have the chance to call upon help when i need it!' Or Maybe your thinking 'Hmm, i dont know. I'd rather just PvP.' or 'I'm only here for Endgame.' Well we've already considered this, our answer? We're planning to create a PvP division inside the Guild led by experienced PvP'ers, so anyone wanting to PvP as a main choice will have that option with other members in the guild! The same goes for Flashpoints and other Endgame activities.

Who Are We Looking For?
Anyone is welcome at DR! All we ask is that you are mature and friendly
to your fellow guildies/players. Also we hope to see same level of the enthusiasm for any section you decide to join, be it PvE, PvP or even RP.

If you are looking for a great place to meet new friends, reach endgame PvE content, or just looking for a guild that strives to be a force that need's to be reckon with in PvP, this is the place for you. We are a guild with great guild leader and co-leader, that are already finding way's to improve the meaning of being a part of a carring community, and are trying to implement new sections and activities that come with each section, so the members can choose what type of in game activity they wish to follow, and see how can they help the guild in that area, and how can the guild help them. Those activities won't be forced on anyone, but will help those in need, and will also give members a break from usual PvP or PvE they are doing. For sure this is the guild that will help you achieve anything that you want, and with friendly and cool atmosphere in the guild, you will enjoy playing Star Wars The Old Republic even more. Please take time to read through all that our carring Guild leader has written, and look at our awesome recruitment video, thank you.

Visit www.diminishing-returns.info for more information and apply.