End game PvP! where is it?

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End game PvP! where is it?

Hello to everyone, I hope you are enjoying SWTOR as much as I have been and I wanted to say SWTOR's questing, leveling, crafting are all well enough for a MMOPG, the voice over’s on all the quests have been entertaining, and to all those new lvl 50 players i'd have to say there is initially quite a bit to do for a new lvl 50 player; you have all the hard mode instances to run for the PvE gear and the new lvl 50 PvP instances to fight in with all those other lvl 50 players for the PvP gear as well as the daily quests for daily commendations and finally the PvP on Ilum (Ilum you say! must be tons of fun PvPing outside of Hutt Ball eh?) where the killing begins and basically ends as far and world PvP goes.

All of this is fine but you can only do so many Hutt Balls, Daily Black Talons, and Daily quests before you realize there is no final objective to keep players playing. Even the Ops runs and final PvE gear can be obtained within a few months of play. "So what do we do?" you ask. I say we run it like DAOC used to.

Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) in my opinion was and still is has greatest PvP system in place (you can still play DAOC btw). When I played DAOC and like many others that have posted elsewhere have said, you couldn’t wait to get home to see if the castle your guild captured was under attack or what was happening in the PvP zone. It is the same for AION; you can see the fortresses at work or online while not in-game. What made DAOC so awesome though were fortress objectives of course, as well as having world bonuses for capturing the relics and bringing it back to your main fortress. The PvP zones also had tons of quests and mobs to kill for loot items for crafting gear and other notable items players could obtain which made players come out to the zone. An entire system of lands and dungeons filled with top notch gear, bosses, fortresses, keeps, items, and a ton of other stuff kept players playing DAOC.

I remember playing as the Hibernia race as an assassin and fighting in the PvP zone on a bridge on our side that always had action, the Labyrinth was another favorite place with tons of dungeons and pathways and elite bosses to kill it was a stealther’s paradise, we used to run 6 man stealth groups in there got my sin to realm rank 10L6 for those of you that remember the ranking system, that’s an accomplishment that took a very long time to acquire. Darkness Falls was also unbelievably fun due to the fact that at max lvl or even for players leveling up there were always Quests or Mobs to kill in the PvP zones that made players want to be out there which in turn brought PvP'ers out there to kill them, man those were the times.

As it is, this is not DAOC this is SWTOR, but there is nothing to do on Ilum in the PvP zone except kill 30 players or cycle around in the middle like Indians with 15 other players waiting for those ammunition boxes to appear or
ops group up, zerg the enemy till we push them back to their base and force pull each other for the 30 kills then leave.

I always hoped DAOC would make a DAOC "2", Warhammer came close with the fortresses but they failed also. Siege equipment in STWOR would be a sight to see for sure.  

As it stands DAOC, Age of Conan's, and AION's PvP system has this game beat hands down and you will begin to see a major decrease in lvl 50 players in the near future if the development team does not commit their full attention to PvP within the next 2 months.  

At least in DAOC, AION, and AOC it has a progressive system that can take years to max your PvP abilities, gear, and stuff. I have been playing a month now and I am already 30 valor (could have been 60 already) what is left after I get the battle master gear?

There are no PvP abilities you gain; PvP killing does not grant you anything while planet side when you run across enemy players so why even kill them except for the maniacal enjoyment of it. The end game Legacy progression might turn into something appealing but it’s a system based on PvEvP, there has to be something for the player.

There is great potential for this game as it’s almost a clean slate PvP wise. My only hope is for the SWTOR developers to realize that the PvP endgame is what keeps people playing and lessons learned from Warhammer should be considered. Figure it out; create a PvP world that will keep SWTOR players playing for years to come and SWTOR will be on top as the BEST MMOPG World Wide!!!

PS) At this rate I’ll be back to playing AION in 2 months once I max my toon’s out with the PvE and PvP gear since there is nothing really to do after that. Take note of this watch the amount of servers there are now and see them in two months.

PSS) DAOC’s PvP was tons of fun, think on it! You could create an entire planet designated to PvP. Mobs that give PvP points, Bosses, Cities to plunder and Capture, It could be EPIC ill sign on for this project if needed as I’m sure a lot of other players out there could and would want to build a PvP system to top all PvP games.