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General Facts

-You can choose a body type as muscular or slim for your character in character creation. Male characters also have a "fat" body type to choose from.

-You are not forced to use a double-blade as Consular or Inquisitor, but you may also use one lightsaber only. In contrast, the Jedi Knight won't be able to use a double-blade though.

-Right now it looks like Jedi won't be able to use blasters. This is not final though and might change depending on testing and balance.

-There will probably be some planets which can not be entered by all factions (for example, no Sith on Tython).

-Just like in other MMOs you can help friends with a lower level, but you get less experience since the enemies will probably be weaker.

-There will be a variety of servers instead of one large one.

-Smuggler and Imperial Agent will be most flirty - as male character you can flirt with all women, as a female character you can flirt with all men.

-Towards the end of the story you will be able to make an explicit decision as for example becoming a true Jedi or Sith

-Right now TOR features "open communication", which allows Imperial and Republic players to talk to each other