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[Jung MA] Brotherhood of Sith PVP/PVE/RP

Greetings fellow Imperial,

If you are seeing this then you have taken your first step to a grater understanding of the Universe, yourself, and the true nature of the Force.

Created by a decree from the Dark Council, the Brotherhood of Sith is the answer to the stagnation that has occurred as a result of our Cold War with the Republic and their misguided Jedi protectors. Normally, Sith and Imperial military personnel are tested in the fires of combat and those who are strong emerge victorious while those who are weak fall in the name of the Empire.

With the onset of this Cold War, those who would normally fall in battle are left to permeate all echelons of Imperial society, both within the Sith ranks and the ranks of the Imperial Military. In order to deal with this growing problem without resorting to a witch hunt and eventual purge, the Dark Council has commissioned a few worthy Sith with creating a semi-secret Order of both force sensitives and exceptional members of Imperial society, in order to being together the most deserving and most powerful individuals who will serve as the future leaders of the Empire.

If you feel that you are among the elite, then perhaps your place is with us. We will help guide you to your full potential so that you may take your rightful place as a leader in our glorious Empire. However, the path to power is not for the weak or the doubtful. The training is rigorous and many have died in the attempt to join this sacred Order. For those who survive the initiation, power, glory, and untold wealth await.

If you are interested in taking the next step and seeing if you are among the chosen few, then seek out one of our representatives and they will guide you the rest of the way. Until we meet again, may the Darkness ever be with you and grant you the strength to take all that you desire.

- Darth Draconnus

"The Strong are meant to lead, the weak deserve their fate"


Guild Name: Brotherhood of Sith
Guild Leader(s): Oweh, Xinar, Dag-ger
Website: http://www.brotherhoodofsith.com/
Guild Wiki: http://evil-wizards.org/swtor-wiki/i...erhood_Of_Sith
In-game points of Contact: Skylah, Mirtis, Kasim, Malack, Deceptus, Alofa
Approx. Number of Current Members: 41

**Additional information including guild ranking structure and branches can be found on our guild wiki. To apply, contact us in-game or complete an application on our website.**