Kaon Under Siege [Hard Mode] Boss Videos

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Kaon Under Siege [Hard Mode] Boss Videos

Hi, my name is Sharktooth, your friendly neighborhood bounty hunter. Here are some kill videos for the new flashpoint released today, hope you enjoy!

SWTOR KR-82 Expulser Hard Mode Kaon Under Siege Flashpoint

SWTOR Kaon Under Siege HM Final Boss Commander LK Graagth

Server: Giradda The Hutt

3 Bosses for this Final Boss encounter
(Left) Chak'Aghakh
(Middle) Commander LK'Graagth
(Right) G'Klarg

Credit to:
Misuzu- Healer [Casual]
Sanjeet- Tank [Shadow Dragon Universe]
Krovvy- Dps [Shadow Dragon Universe]
Sharktooth- Dps [Shadow Dragon Universe]