MMORPG Abbreviations/Jargons for Dummies

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MMORPG Abbreviations/Jargons for Dummies

You have just created a new account for SWTOR. Going into the character setup section, you customized your avatar according to your preferences, choosing your favourite class and then you enter the game. Fascinated by the astounding graphics, awesome gameplay not to mention variety of skills at your disposal, you start looking at other aspects, player to player interaction. Looking at the chat window, you see people talking to each other, but you have no idea what they are saying! What is this? As you start to wonder whether you are in the correct region/server, you fail to understand their language. What are all of these ‘LFM, LFG, WTB, WTS, DPS’ gibberish they are talking about?

Feeling lost? Be glad that you are reading this forum post right now. Here are the list of the most used abbreviations/jargons in any MMORPGs out there.[MMORPG stand for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game BTW(by the way)].

1337 – Leet, often used to refer to someone with above average or “elite” skills.
2 – ‘to’
4 – ‘for’
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AFK – Away from Keyboard
Aggro or agro – This is the name for the level of aggression a monster has towards any player. The person with the most “aggro” is usually who the Monster will target and persist to attack.
Alt – A Player’s Alternate Character(s)
AOE – Area Of Effect. AOE spells are spells that effect multiple targets in a designated area. Spells that are AOE damage the creatures surrounding the initial target of the spell.
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
ATM – At the Moment
Avatar – Another name used to define a Player’s Character. See ‘Toon’ as well.
AO – Anarchy Online, a MMORPG

BIO – This term refers to someone doing a biological break. (Bio Break), putting it in simple terms, going to the washroom.
BRB – Be Right Back (often used in conjunction with AFK)
BRT – Be Right There
BTW – By The Way
BOT �” an illegal program that basically plays the character for you, like an automated robot.
BS �” Backstab. An act of attacking from behind, or ambushing someone( guerilla tactics).
Buff �” a power, inspiration, or enhancement that increases abilities.

CB -Closed Beta
Creep �” monster, refer to ‘Mob’
CoH �” City of Heroes, a MMORPG
CoV �” City of Villains, a MMORPG

DC or DC’d – Disconnect, This often refers to a player who loses his internet connection or his client-side connection to the game.
Debuff – To cast a spell that decreases a beneficial attribute of a Mob or another player
DEV – Developers
Drops �” Basically the items that you gain from killing a monster.
DMG �” Damage.
Ding �” Indicates that a character has leveled
DoT �” Damage over time
DPS �” Damage per second

Exp -Experience, also refered as ‘xp’ at times
EQ �” EverQuest, a MMORPG

FTL – For the Loss! simply put, anything that is followed by “FTL” means it is a bad thing.
FTW – For The Win, simply put, anything that is followed by “FTW” means it is a good thing
F2P �” Free to Play. You won’t need to pay anything to play.[Games like Silkroad Online(SRO) and Perfect World(PW).]
FYI �” for your information

G2G/GTG �” bears a double meaning. got to go (said when a person has to leave) or generally said after a leader of a party or group is ready to begin an event/raid/quest.
GG – Good Game, often used as a congratulatory response to a good group or good job on a task.
GJ – Good Job, used in the same context as GG.
GM – Game Master (In-Game Support)
Grats (or gratz) – Congratulations

HAX – Hacks. This is a term used when someone feels the game is cheating them. Alternatively, this term is used when a fellow player is doing so well that others think he is “cheating with hacks”
HP �” Health points
HUD �” Heads up display

IC – In Character. For all intents and purposes, this term is most commonly used in MMORPGs to describe a player’s Role-playing state. If he is IC, then he is talking and acting “In Character”, applies for all Role Playing Servers(RP). Alternatively, and commonly used in internet lingo, IC is a fast way of saying “I see”.
IDK – I Don’t Know
IIRC – If I Remember Correctly
IMO – In My Opinion
IMHO �” In My Humble Opinion
INC – Incoming. Often used to let other players know that a group of mobs are heading towards the group. Someone who pulls will often let his party know that the pull was successful by saying “INC”.
IRL – In Real Life
Item Mall �” A virtual mall where you can buy additional items/equipments/weapons. [Silkroad Online has such features, upcoming will be Grenado Espanada(GE)]
INV �” Invite

JK – Just Kidding

K – Okay
KIT -Keep In Touch
KK -Okay
KS �” Kill Steal �” To defeat an enemy that was being defeated by another player, without first getting their permission.

LF – Looking For
LFG – Looking for Group
LF1M – Looking for 1 More (as in, Looking For 1 More players to join up with me/us)
LF2M – Looking for 2 More (as in, Looking For 2 More players to join up with me/us)
LFM – Looking For More (as in, Looking For More players to join up with me/us)
LFP – Looking for Players. This means that you are looking for other players to group with.
LOL – Laughing out Loud
Lowbie – Someone of low level
Loot �” item you gain throughout the game, killing monsters, openinng treasure chests etc.
LVL �” Level

Main – A Player’s Main Character.
Mob – A common term used to describe a monster or other enemy that you encounter.
Mobs – A common term used to describe a group of monsters or enemies that you encounter.
Mule �” Character created only to move or sell items from player to player. They are also good for extra bank space which is limited.
MP �” Magic points/Mana points, refer to ‘SP’ as well.
MMORPG �” Massively Multiplayer Online Role �” Playing Game)

Nerf – To Nerf is to make something less effective.
Newb or Noob or Nab -The opposite of 1337. A noob, (or n00b) is of below standard skills.
NM – Never Mind nevermind (or Not Much)
NP -no problem, a response to being thanked.
NPCs – (non-player characters) are all the characters in the game who are not controlled by a player.
NVM – Never Mind
NUB – An alternate version of “Noob”.

OB -Open Beta
OIC – “Oh, I See”
OOC – Out Of Character (Role-Playing)
OMW – On My Way
ORLY? – Oh Really? (often used sarcastically)
OMG �” ‘Oh my god’
Owned �” defeated, overpowered, refer to ‘PWN’ as well
OTW �” On the way

PC – Play Character (or personal computer) If someone says “Your PC” they mean your character (or your personal computer).
PULL – This means to ‘pull’ a enemy. Basically, this is to initiate an attack on the enemy so that it goes towards to you.
PVE – Player versus Environment
PVP – Player versus Player
PWN or pwned -This means to greatly overpower or defeat an adversary.
PM �” Private Message. Sending a ‘tell’ or ‘whisper’ to a specific player, equivalent to a private conversation.
PAT �” Patrols. Referring non-stationery mobs that walk around a certain area/radius that might surprise you for your group unexpectedly if you are in their path.
PT �” Party.
P2P �” Pay to Play. Some amount of money is required to play this game (subscription). [Includes World of Warcraft(WoW), Lord of the Rings Online(LotRO), Vanguard: Saga of Heroes(Vg: SoH), Eve Online, Lineage II and much more.]
PK �” Player killer/killing
PL �” Power Level. To level as quickly as possible, with outside assistance.
Plz �” Please
PPL �” People

QFE – Quoted For Emphasis
QFT – Quoted For Truth

Rez, Rezzed or Ress – Resurrection/heal
ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RL – Real Life
RP – Role-play. (alternatives, RPer ‘role-player’ and RPing ‘Role-playing’)
RAWR �” an expression of release of anger/rage/furstration or battle hunger that shares the same meaning and pronounciation as ‘roar’
RBTL – Read Between The Lines
Root �” To immobilize an opponent
Runner �” An NPC that (for whatever reason) bolts from the group; runners tend to fetch help.

SP �” Skill points or Spell points( same meaning to MP)

Toon – An alternate word used to describe a player’s “Character”. Alternate words include Avatar and Character.
TTFN – Ta ta for now
TTYL – Talk To You Later
Tx or Thx �”Thanks
Twink – In an MMORPG, a veteran player who makes a new character and gives a bunch of top-shelf equipment from their older, maxed-out characters to the new character.
TY – Thank You
TYT – Take Your Time
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
Tank �” To engage in hand �” to �” hand combat in a manner designed to keep the attention of the enemies on yourself, rather than on weaker teammates.
TP �” teleport

Uber – Used as a adjective to say something is awesome

Vent �” Ventrillo(an online server that allows players to converse with each other verbally using a microphone)

WOOT – Expression of Excitement
WTB – Want to Buy or Want to Borrow
WTS – Want to Sell
WTT – Want To Trade
WTA �” Want To Ask

Xp – Experience

YW – You’re Welcome

ZOMG – A 1337 version of “OMG”. Adding a Z to the beginning of OMG usually adds emphasis.

Note: Abbreviations that contain obsenities and profanities have been excluded from this list for reader-friendly purposes.
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Re: MMORPG Abbreviations/Jargons for Dummies

An important SWTOR term for new players it EotT - Eye of the Tiger. It's a quest to rise up and defeat the rival faction that awards a ton of XP if you're up to the challenge.
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Re: MMORPG Abbreviations/Jargons for Dummies

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Re: MMORPG Abbreviations/Jargons for Dummies

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