New guild on <Space Slug>: Lone Star Sith, for Texans only

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New guild on <Space Slug>: Lone Star Sith, for Texans only

Lone Star Sith was founded as a group of friends in the Austin area who wanted to easily be able to stay in contact and play with one another.  After some thought (and a few beers), we realized that Texas has a special sense of community, a special friendliness, that we wanted to replicate and bring into the Star Wars universe.  This means that we are a casual guild, focusing more on having fun and experiencing the game rather than hardcore progression or FPS-like PvP training.

Our goal is to be a medium sized guild, where quality wins over quantity; a group of people who are friends and enjoy one another's company; players who help one another out and enhance the gaming experience; people who are fun-loving, a bit rowdy, but mature and courteous.  We are looking for and accepting anybody who meets the above description, plus:

1.) Must be 21+.  So as not to have problems with content (aka what we say), and to allow us to pursue ideas such as a guild PvP drinking game...:eek:

2.) Must live in Texas.  Yes, part of this is because of the sense of community described above; that common culture that unites this very special state.  Part of it is geographical, so that we are all in the same time zone and running guild activities will be easier.  The rest is just because we can.  

That's it.

"But...I used to live in Texas", "...I love Texas", "...I know where it is on a map"

Sorry.  Not allowed.  Or maybe.  Still apply.

"I live in Texas, but have some friends who don't, and I want to join with them."

That's okay.  As is commonly known, all non-Texans are Canadians.  Any Canadian can join if they have a Texan sponsor.

"Do you really hate Canadians?"

Yes.  But really, no.  They are awesome.

To apply, go to our website: [URL=""][/URL]

or send a message to Barouk in game.

Live and die in the great state of Texas.  And remember, it's all about the lulz.