Petition to Bioware to create SWTOR Server Forums

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Petition to Bioware to create SWTOR Server Forums

The reason we created it off site was because petitions are not allowed on the official forums. Personally I think polls and petitions help show how many stand behind an idea.

Time and time again we see great games ruined by  poor business decisions. How many times have we seen Gaming Companies assuming they know what is best for the gaming community without actually bothering to check with them first. I sincerely like Bioware and its people having met many in person. I certainly hope this will not be the case here. Many people come from Star wars galaxies and because of NGE they know the power of a bad decision. For those that may not be aware SWG sold a over a million copies and Sony made changes desperate to get new customers and wound up driving their existing ones away and less than a year later there was only about 12K people playing the game. So you can understand why many , myself included are quite cynical.

Ironically we created Fragworld because of this type of frustrations with gaming companies and created our FPS and MMO Manifesto Movements and our monthly meetings with game developer representatives as a result.

The last petition I wrote was to Activision  got over 250,000 signatures

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