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Protest The Hero - PST | Raiding | PvP PST Server | Hardcore

Protest The Hero
    US West
Hardcore PvE progression guild

- Must play for 30+ hours a week.
- Must have great player ability ( positional awareness, class information, etc. )
- Must have ventrilo + mic ( there are exceptions to deaf people and mute people. )
- Must have experience in MMORPGS.

:~:Who we are:~:
We are a guild of hardcore players who thrive on being the best; though we are not an elitist guild we have been called that before.
Most if not all players in the guild have some type of background in the professional or hardcore gaming scene. I myself have been in many
tournaments in League of Legends, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft arena 3v3 ( Burning Crusade ), CoD4, and others. Though these are not required
to join the guild, it is just best if we know or have some back ground on who you are, and what you have done in your gaming career.

:~:What we focus on:~:
- Planned PvP warzones and World PvP with other allied guilds.
- Operaions(raiding)
- Flashpoints
- Wholesome crafting(specific crafting for members in order to help others)

:~:How we Raid:~:
We thrive on progression, and hope you do to. We will be raiding as a whole, not as a half. What does this mean?
    This means that every player will be geared accordingly. None of that DKP crap. We have a loot council and use the priority list to gear
    everyone fairly, and whatever helps the guild the most.

There is no set raid time as of right now. The raid times will be posted once all information is gathered from the guild members and is set.
You can imagine it being like this though.
   "Casual" Hardcore raiding schedule ~example~
-  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
         This is an average schedule meaning that this will most likely be the days that we raid on a less hardcore setting.

   "Eltist" Hardcore raiding schedule ~example~
-  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
         This means you will have a break every thursday to pull yourself together. This schedule will be designed so that every player will be able to log on
         after a long night of raiding. This means that we expect all dedication from you as a player.

:~:How to Join:~:
If this looks like something you want to be apart of you can easily apply at our website, and answer all the questions accordingly.
If you have any questions on ANYTHING that was not stated here you may message me on the website after registering.

Protest The Hero's Website:
My name on the site: NayKu