Seer Ability Leaks/Theory Crafting

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Seer Ability Leaks/Theory Crafting

Our Heals (With talents)

Benevolence 46 force, 1.5s cast,
Heals a friendly target
aka Flash Heal

Deliverance 50 Force 2.5s cast
Heals a friendly target
aka Greater Heal

Force Armor 32 Force 1.5s CD
Surrounds the target in a force shield that lasts x seconds and absorbs a high amount of damage. Protected targets become force-imbalanced and cannot benefit from Force Armor again for y seconds.
aka Bubble

Restoration 14 Force, 4.5s CD
Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative mental, force effects, physical effects and heals.

Rejuvenate 27 Force, 6s CD
Immediately heals a target, plus an additional heal over 15 seconds
aka... Rejuvenate

Healing Trance 36 Force, 3s Channel, 9s CD
Heals a target immediately and a further heal per second for 3 seconds.
aka Penance

Salvation 91 Force, 2s Cast, 9s CD
Heals all allies within 8 meters of the targeted area for. Targets remaining in the area heal for an additional 10s
aka Healing Circle

Our Procs

Your Rejuvenate has a 100% chance to grant Conveyance, which increases the effect of your next healing ability
Benevolence: Force cost reduced by 50%
Deliverance: Activation time reduced by 1 second.
Healing Trance: Crit chance increased by 50%.
Salvation: Force cost reduced by 30%.

Healing Trance crits have a 100% chance to make the next Noble Sacrifice used not degenerate force and spend no health.

Force Shelter
Targets of your rejuvenate receive 10% more armor rating for it's duration

The rest of the abilities (CD's etc)

Force Precision 90s CD 0GCD
Grants 2 charges of Force Potency, which increases the force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60%. Each time a direct force ability crits, you lose 1 charge. Lasts 20 seconds.

Force Speed 20s CD 0GCD
Increases movement speed by 150% for x seconds.

Noble Sacrifice
Sacrifices 15% of your maximum health to restore 8% of your maximum force. Each time this ability is used, your force regeneration rate is reduced by 25% for the next 10 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.

Rescue 30 Force 60s CD
Lowers the target's threat by a moderate amount and, if the target is a party member, pulls the target to your location.

Revive 75 Force, 300s CD, 1.5s Cast
Revives an incapacitated ally. This ability is useable while in combat. When used, all party members can neither use nor be the target of an in-combat revival for the next x minutes

Proposed Specs

Concentration Spec
-Adds 30% force regeneration @ the cost of 1% force crit and 9% output on Force armor, 1.5s every 10s (before alacrity), 14-18 force/5, ideal for fight requiring sustained healing.
-Adds a small amount of dps to raid.

Healing Throughput/Utility Spec
-Provides utility to the raid with 20% movement speed buff on a 1.5s cd
-1% more crit then the above spec
-No need to use disturbance (frees up 1.5s every 10s)
-Stronger force armor (9%)

Stat Priorities

Affects bonus force power and bonus force crit.
0.2 force damage
Gives 1% crit for every 140 (at level 50)

Affects bonus healing and mana regen

Altracity (Haste)
Affects spell haste

Healing style

Tank/Single Target
The synergy of our rejuvenate with all our other healing spells mean we want to use it on cd, preferably on the tank(s). With it's cd/duration, there will be no excuse for not having 2 rolling all the time (preferably on the 2 tanks). After that comes our healing trance, it will make up the majority of our single target healing, and when paired with rejuvenate will allow
us to use our noble sacrifice with no negative effects (free 300 force a min). Force armor is our next go to spell, without a cast time it can be saved for emergency situations where our filler (Deliverance) is not enough.

Effectively our healing comes down to pairing our rejuvenate with one of our other cd spells. Our healing rotation would look something similar to this..

Healing Trance
Force Armor
Noble Sacrifice
Healing Trance
Noble Sacrifice
1-1.5s of downtime (movement, another filler, shielding a dumb dps that is still standing in bad shit etc etc)

At this time our cd's align again such that we can start our rotation over. (Assumes 18s force imbalance of Force armor)

Over this 18s we expend roughly a 120-160 force (depending on salvation or benevolence), meaning that this is obviously not sustainable w/o 400 force per min or roughly 6.6 force per second.

Raid/AoE heals
We will still be using rejuvenate on cd, though the conveyance proc will be used with salvation instead. This will bring it's force cost to a more manageable 60. Healing trance should still be used on cd, paired with every other rejuvenate, fishing for resplendence procs. If the incoming raid damage is predictable (big boss emote then raid loses a large portion of their health) then getting force armors in place mitigate a large portion of the damage is ideal. If however you are stuck being more reactive about your healing then deliverance and benevolence are going to be your go to spells.
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Re: Seer Ability Leaks/Theory Crafting

Man! This is aweseome