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The Democrats have not been adverse to using the filibuster. They used the filibuster to prevent swtor credits v the confirmation of conservative appellate court candidates nominated by President George W. Bush In the Republicancontrolled108th Congress, ten Bush judicial nominees had been filibustered by the minority Democrats. As a result of these ten filibusters, Senate Republicans began to threaten to change the existing Senate rules by using what Senator Trent Lott "nuclear option" or sometimes called the "Constitutional option." This change in rules would eliminate the use of the filibuster to prevent judicial confirmation votes. As a compromise, the so called Gang of 14 signed an agreement, pertaining to the 109th Congress only, whereby the sevenSenate Democratswould no longer vote along with their party on filibustering judicial nominees (except in "extraordinary circumstances," as defined by each individual senator), and in turn the seven Senate Republicanswould break withthe Republican leadership on voting for the "nuclear option."Emmet J. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who opposed and voted against the idea at the start of the last Congress has recanted and thrown his weight behind the effort.

District Judge Robert Brack for mercy, telling him in between tears how sorry she was."I'll never get to see her grown up . That weighs on my heart. That was my little girl," Christie said slowly, with difficulty, her shoulders hunched, the chains on her wrists shaking. "Not seeing what she needed, I'll live with that for eternity.

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