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uaf recruiting now

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Guild: United armed forcess
Guild site:http://://

About us

Welcome to one of the best SWTOR Guilds and Old Republic Clans around!
We are a unique Star Wars The Old Republic community who not only love to have fun, but enjoy a structured clan environment.
We are accepting applications and actively recruit Guild members into our clan, so if you would like to join one of the best SWTOR Guilds around, feel free to enlist on our old republic clan forums.
Our SWTOR guild / clan is broken up into squads. Each squad has a CO and XO. Our Guild accepts outside Alliance requests, so if you are from other guilds or clans feel free to meet with our Star Wars the old republic diplomacy team for diplomatic talks.
Our guild / Clan members speak primarily English so please keep that in mind.

If you are new to Star Wars The Old Republic, or just looking for SWTOR guilds to join we offer the most unique military simulation experience in the Star Wars The Old Republic Guilds community.
If you would like to be apart of a realistic military clanning experience in SWTOR let me be the first to welcome you on behalf of UAF.
We not only offer one of the most friendly and respectable SWTOR Guilds, but a community which is a blast to be around.
Our SWTOR Guild is lead with Military Simulation in mind. Military tactics, scrim and battle tactics, and even fleet battle tournaments within our SWTOR community. Being one of the few or only military simulation SWTOR Guilds or clans around our members get a real-life military gaming experience through our military inspired rules, guidelines, ranks and structure. We are recruiting only mature members for our guild who are willing to follow the guilds rules, be respectful, and follow orders.

Our SWTOR guild / clan members see much of our organization as they earn promotions, receive guild or clan awards and get closer to other Guild or clan members by being in squads together. Participating in our Star Wars The Old Republic squad wars competitions are also a lot of fun. Each of our SWTOR squads spends time training and preparing for something called squad wars. To enter the SWTOR squad war competition there is a credit fee for every SWTOR squad wanting to join. All of the squads involved battle each other and the squads who is left standing at the end gets the grand prize to split however their squad leadership decide.

We believe that SWTOR guilds or clans should be appropriate for all ages so If UAF sounds like the kind of SWTOR guild or clan that interests you, come on in and check us out. We welcome new guild or clan members so long as they can follow the rules and guidelines.

A headset is preferred but not required
Being active ingame and on the forums.
no swearing
How to join:
Come join us on flashpoints, operations, and heroics. Not only that but we can give you assistance on your class quests.

Hope to see you ingame.
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Re: uaf recruiting now

Cheeck us out